Open Source Hardware Project

Back in 2005, a group of students envisaged a world where there is affordable access to digital devices, so that people can interact with the environment using sensors and microcontrollers. Fast forward 15 years and Arduino has become a household name amongst not just students, but also novices, professionals and DIY makers. The formidable headway that was brought about, has paved the way for many open-source hardware projects henceforth. We at FOSSEE also became a part of this movement by adopting the platform and using it to teach Electronics across India. The learning resources, both hardware and audio-video lectures, put together by the Opensource-hardware team of FOSSEE and Spoken Tutorial projects, have already demonstrated effective learning.

Here, we wish to provide you a platform for showcasing your ambitious projects, forming a community around the users and becoming a part of our open-source hardware activities and initiatives. We are inviting proposals from those who have implemented projects using Arduino or are in the process of doing so, to contribute the documentation/DIY instructions of their projects. We promise to put together a well presented, shareable documentation of your project on our website. Every contributor can thus build an online portfolio, which they can take pride in and which might also land them a lucrative job one day!

Please sign up and make a profile for proposal submission right away and become one of the first contributors!

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